Factions are one of the major gameplay elements in the Game of Thrones Mod: Winter is Coming to Minecraft mod. There are a few different types of factions, all of which are to be named here:

Lesser Faction Edit

A lesser faction is the category most factions fall under, factions such as House Blackwood fall under this category. They are factions that usually do not contain much except for an armor set that can be obtained and a mob dedicated to it.

Major Faction Edit

A major faction is the category far more predominant factions such as the Night's Watch fall under. The category is for large factions that do not qualify as Great House factions.

Great House Faction Edit

A Great House Faction is the largest of the bunch and is reserved for only the 9 great houses. A Great House faction is the only faction type(in most cases) to have Banners,Armor and Hirable Units. An example of a Great House faction would be House Lannister.

How to join a faction Edit

Joining Factions isin't an easy task and it requires alott of crafting and searching to achieve.

  • Firstly, one must craft a Written Westeros Travel Writ, as it is a required part of crafting the Faction Join Request.

    Faction Join Papers recipe


    Written Westeros Travel Writs recipe

  • Secondly, one must then use it in the crafting recipe in the picture to the right, the ingots in the picture are Bronze ingots. See Metallurgy for a guide on how to obtain Bronze ingots.
  • Then the player needs to find a faction NPC and right click him with the request, which then gives you the "Officially Joined Papers" which is a required recipe item to getting the armor of a faction.

Now that you have the Offically Joined Papers, you'll need to craft them into either a Unit hiring paper or a Armor paper, Armor papers are bound to work with any faction, but Unit hirings will only work with Great House factions.

How to craft Unit or Armor request papersEdit

This part is quite simple, follow these steps and then you can learn how to join factions.

  • To get the armor request papers, use the recipe on the right, the formation must be the same, but the armor

    Armor request recipe

    can be either vanilla chain,iron or diamond. either one works.
  • To get the unit papers, you must use the recipe on the right. The surrounding items are Medium Pouches of Gold Coins. see Currency for a guide on how to obtain them

    Unit request recipe

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